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LCUFC plays home games in the city of Eatonton, the county seat of Putnam County which is located within 90 minutes of Atlanta, Augusta, Athens and Macon. The Teams compete in some of the toughest divisions in Georgia Soccer - against teams from much larger cities that apply more selectivity in choosing top players; charge significantly higher annual registration fees to support team activities; and, have access to greater resources via sponsorships from businesses for coach salaries, equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, etc.

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By contrast to these larger cities, Eatonton is a rural community of only 6,530. Putnam County is beginning to be known as a soccer supporting county, which is not surprising because more kids continually register to play soccer through the Putnam County Recreation Department than any other sport that the Recreation Department offers. 

Putnam Impact Soccer Club | About Us

In addition to teaching the fundamentals soccer, our LCUFC coaches strive to develop leadership and life skills to support long term systematic change. To this end, they provide a positive, team-building environment while setting expectations regarding conduct both on and off the field. Bernabe Meraz , a player on the U13 team, summed up his LCUFC experience as “It is a ‘life program’ disguised as a soccer club”. Those familiar with coaches, practices and expectations understand firsthand what this means.


Putnam Impact Soccer Club

Players must maintain an A/B average to be on the team and must be reading at a level one grade higher than the grade they are in. This is reinforced during practices, which begin with completing homework before hitting the field for 2 – 2½ hours.

Soccer fans and opponents won’t hear obscenities or booing from these team members, as sportsmanship expectations include respect for oneself, teammates and competitors alike. In-turn, these young players from diverse socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds are an inspirational group.

Facing difficult challenges in their daily lives, they are making good life choices, adhering to educational expectations and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship through mutual respect towards one another.

Together, the LCUFC teams have persevered to accomplish amazing feats; competing in some of the toughest divisions in Georgia Soccer.

Together, Club teams have persevered to accomplish amazing feats; competing in some of the toughest divisions in Georgia Soccer. As of April 2019, we have earned 8 Championships:

2015 McDonald’s Cup for our 2000 Team


2016 Georgia State D3 Championship


2017 Atlanta Peach Classic Championship


2017 South Carolina Cup Championship


2018 Georgia State D2 Championship Finalist

Fall 2018 Season Classic III Division Championship

2019 Columbia County Shootout Championship


2019 RYSA Spring Kickoff Classic for our 2004 Team


2017 RYSA Fall Kickoff Classic for our 2005 Team